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Frequently Asked Questions - Luxury Picnic Experience

How does a luxury picnic experience work? 

After booking through our website or email address you will receive communication to discuss your picnic details including your picnic location.  After the details are set you will receive an invoice for payment and confirmation.  On the day of your luxury picnic, you will simply show up, enjoy and leave the rest to us.  

Where are you located?  Are there specific locations?  

Soiree by the Sea is based in North Myrtle Beach and primarily operates in Horry County and the Grand Strand. Myrtle Beach, Ocean Isle, Holden Beach, Little River and Surfside beaches are some of the most commonly asked for locations.  While we do have a list of preferred locations, we are also happy set up at a location of your choice.  Soiree by the Sea will always follow the location's rules and ordinances for specific areas.  Please note that the city of North Myrtle Beach prohibits set up of luxury picnics on beaches.  However, we do have a list of preferred locations and we are happy to set up at any other location of your choice.  There are many other beautiful beach and coastal scenic areas outside of NMB that allow set up and that are only a short distance from NMB.  When planning your luxury experience keep in mind that we also set up in private back yards patios, porches, AirBNB's, hotels and rental homes. 

How far in advance should I book my luxury picnic?

We request a minimum of 48 hours' notice for a booking; however, early booking is recommended to secure your preferred date/time.  And.....since we absolutely love hosting luxury picnic events, we will make every effort to accommodate any last-minute requests if unable to book 48 hours in advance.   


What if I need to reschedule?

We know that sometimes arise and while we cannot refund your deposit for cancellations, we will work to reschedule your event if you provide 24 hours notice. 

What if it rains?  What if it is forecasted to rain during my luxury picnic?

Unfortunately, we cannot refund deposits due to weather, but we will make every effort to relocate or change your time.  There have been instances where we can relocate your luxe picnic indoors to a venue nearby.  We will try every means possible so that we do not have to cancel your picnic.  We are also happy to reschedule your picnic event to take place within 60 days.  

What is the payment process? 

A deposit is required upon receiving your invoice for booking confirmation.  The full package cost is due 24 hours before you scheduled luxury picnic.  After Soiree by the Sea breaks down and cleans up your deposit will be refunded if no damages have occurred. 

What if I need to leave before the scheduled time?  

Please note that during your scheduled picnic time you are responsible for all picnic items until Soiree by the Sea crew returns.  If you need to leave prior to the scheduled time, please kindly call or text us at 980-233-0491 with at least a 15-minute notice.   

What about alcohol?

We cannot provide ANY alcohol for your picnic.  You are solely responsible for knowing and understanding all state and local ordinances and laws regarding alcohol consumption at your site.   

Frequently Asked Questions - Weddings

Are there any restrictions to being married on the beach (with our toes in the sand)?

  • Weddings on the beach are NOT allowed within the Myrtle Beach City Limits. Should you decide to stay in the City, we use alternate beach locations that would be, at the most, 15-20 minutes north or south of the city.  We prefer the North Myrtle Beach area; however, we are happy to work with you to coordinate. 


Is there a limit to how many guests can be present?

  • There is NO LIMIT ON THE NUMBER OF GUESTS. The only exceptions to this are if you require more chairs or if you are getting a full reception package as there is a charge for each person at a reception.  Please note parking is VERY limited at beach accesses and we strongly advise carpooling.  If possible, when making your travel plans, try and stay at a hotel location that is “legal” to have a beach wedding so that you can walk right out and not worry about parking.   


NORTH MYRTLE BEACH WEDDINGS:  If you wish for your wedding to take place anywhere in the city of NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, there is a MAXIMUM LIMIT of 12 CHAIRS for all beach weddings per beach rules by the City Council.    


Can I have my own officiant?

  • Yes. Just be sure to make us aware during the planning process.  We are happy to coordinate with your officiant during the wedding ceremony day.  

May our guests take photos or videos?

  • Yes.   We do ask though to please urge your guests not to interfere with the ceremony or your wedding photographer.  


May we add our own decorations?

  • The answer is Yes, however, please note that GLASS containers, flame candles, SILK Flower Petals, Chinese Lanterns, candles are not allowed according to local ordinances and police laws.  We will have to ask you to remove any of the items listed that are prohibited. 


May our pets be included in the ceremony?

  • WE LOVE PETS!    The only restrictions would be those of the municipality relative to the times pets are allowed on the beach during peak months (generally May 15 – September 15) when pets are only allowed before 9 AM and after 5 PM.  Each beach access has a list of rules regarding dogs at the entrance of the access.  Check with the local laws of the town you will be staying in to see what their specific rules are

         regarding pets on the beach.


If we elect to have the Bridal Music on the Beach, may we include our own special songs?

  • Yes, we simply ask that you provide the songs and artist(s) and we will download the songs to be played.


What are the back up options if the weather becomes an issue?

  • We know it can be heartbreaking if it is"raining sunshine" on the day of your ceremomy.  Believe me.....It makes our team stressed too but the fact of the matter is there are going to be days at the beach where the weather will just not cooperate in allowing an outside wedding.  Here is how we treat such times:

  • During the planning process we will coordinate your back up plan for inclement weather.  We do have a few venues that will accommodate your wedding last minute and we are happy to discuss with you during the planning process. 

  • Most of our weddings take place by the sea.  Soiree by the Sea, LLC conducts approximately 75% of our  weddings on the beach.  Please know that we will do everything possible to put your toes on the sand while you're saying I DO!  Typically, when it rains here, it’s just a passing shower and we do not mind waiting it out.  If there happens to be something more than that, we will stay in contact with you ahead of time and be flexible to move your time or even day if necessary (only as both of our schedules may permit).  Please feel free to discuss with us at any time. VERY IMPORTANT!  Please also ensure that we have at least three contact numbers for you and/or your bridal party so that we may coordinate weather related information if needed on the day of your wedding. 

For help in planning your destination wedding, please contact us by calling 980-233-0491, emailing or fill out our contact form. 



Both parties must go in person to ANY South Carolina Probate Court to apply for the marriage license. 


 VERY IMPORTANT:  There will be a 24 hour wait before you must go back to pick up your license. 


The probate court will hold the license for up to 6 months after you apply.  Please read carefully the requirements for what documentation you need to apply for the license.  Different counties may have different requirements.  Also, applicants under the age of 25 may have additional documentation required.


  • You must pick up your license from the same probate court in which you applied.

  • If you live in South Carolina, it would most likely be easiest to apply for your license at your closest probate court to where you live.  You will be given 3 copies of the license.  You must present all 3 copies to the officiant before the wedding at the beach the day of the ceremony.


If you do not live in South Carolina, you have a few options to obtain your marriage license….


Option 1 

Apply in person at any South Carolina Probate Court. There will be a 24-hour wait before you must go back and pick up your license. They will hold the license for up to 6 months after you apply. The closest location to Myrtle Beach is the Conway office at 1301 2nd Avenue, Conway SC 29526 which is in Horry County. This is 15 miles from the Myrtle Beach Airport and hours are 8:30-4:30 Monday – Friday except holidays. 

If you do not live in South Carolina, the fee is $115.  Please click the link below regarding marriage license instructions so that you can be prepared and know what you must bring with you.

 Horry County Marriage License Process


 Option 2:

Apply in person to Georgetown County Probate anytime before your wedding – they do not expire in this county. You BOTH will need to apply for your license in person at the Georgetown Probate Court when you get into town. After the full 24 hour waiting period, you can go back to pick up your license or send any designated family member to get it for you as long as the court is aware of this fact.

The office is 34 miles from the Myrtle Beach airport. Hours are 8:30AM – 4:00 Monday through Friday except on holidays.

The fee for ALL applications is $115 and they do NOT take credit or debit cards. Even though this location option is a little further from greater Myrtle Beach, the advantages of using this location are if you are staying on the far south end of the area, or if you do NOT have your actual Social Security cards (which are mandatory to have if you go to Horry County).

Please follow the link to the instructions and the application: (Please be assured that it is more than acceptable to get your license from Georgetown County – or ANY other county in the state of South Carolina – and still get married on a beach in Horry County).


The Charleston County Probate Court can assist couples who are getting married in South Carolina.


APPLY at link below. Please include the email address for each party. Please apply only once.

All applicants must upload a valid photo ID and a document containing your social security number. You will need to sign the sworn statement that the information on the Application for License and Certificate of Marriage is true and correct and that you are legally entitled to enter into a marriage under the laws of South Carolina before you submit the application.

MAKE PAYMENT to complete the application process - The cost is seventy dollars ($70) by credit card plus a transaction fee and is non-refundable.

As mandated by South Carolina law, there is a twenty-four hour waiting period after the application is filed before the Marriage License is released.

TWO business days following the completed application submission, you will receive by email your Marriage License for you to print and use along with an instruction sheet. Please review the Marriage License application and if there are any errors, please immediately email your clerk.


An Ordained minister, Jewish Rabbis, officers authorized to administer oaths in South Carolina or a South Carolina Notary can perform wedding ceremonies in South Carolina. After your wedding ceremony, you will be responsible for returning the signed copies labeled PROBATE JUDGE and PROBATE JUDGE/DHEC COPY to the Probate Court via mail or the drop box is available at our office door from 8:30am to 5:00pm.


All applicants must upload of one form of identification. One of the following:


Valid driver's license

Original birth certificate or a certified copy of the birth certificate

Valid S.C. identification card issued by the S.C. Highway Department

Current military identification card

A current passport

All applicants must upload proof of social security number. One of the following:


Social Security card

Tax Return (page 1) showing your name and your Social Security number

W-2 or Tax Form showing your name and your Social Security number (please redact the financial information)

*Anyone that is not a United States Citizen, the Court must receive a copy of your Valid Passport or current VISA, with your Alien Registration Number.


For further questions, please call Portia Geathers at (843) 958-5183, Regina LeBlanc at (843) 277-5674 or Judge Irv Condon at (843) 817-2039.




This option works really well and may be necessary for those couples  looking to come to the beach for a quick turnaround before returning home.  When there's not enough time to spend 2 days trying to obtain your license. 

If your time at the beach for your wedding does not allow you enough time to apply in person and then go back to pick up your marriage license over a two day period then you can simply go to the Justice of the Peace in your local hojmetown and have a quick "official" ceremony where you will complete the paperwork.  You then would not have to spend any time trying to obtain it here in South Carolina.  Here's the cool part........if you decide to go this route then you are NOT even required to bring the “official” paperwork with you to the beach to show us. We will still treat your ceremonial wedding here at the beach with the same enthusiasm and importance no matter where the paperwork is processed. Just because your paperwork may say one date on it, you know that you will forever celebrate your “wedding” day as the date you had us perform your ceremony to the sounds of the waves and the beautiful ocean as your backdrop.


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